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 Available Training


Word Training (version 2003 and earlier)


Enter text

Move around a document

Understand different ways to view the document

Select characters, words, lines, paragraphs or the whole document

Edit text

Printing and using Print preview

Changing Text Case quick and easy

Delete using backspace or delete, delete large amounts of text

Undo mistakes and redo your undo

Save the file

Open a saved file

Save versions of your file

Save multiple copies of your file

Use spell check and the thesaurus

Copy/Paste and Cut/Paste information

Increase or decrease the amount of information you see on the screen

Get Help

Use Find and Replace

Learn Special Paste Options


Understand the different level of formatting (character, paragraph, page)

Change Fonts, point size, font color

Apply bold, italic and underline

Turn off bold, italic and underline

Use the Format Painter Button

Use additional Font formatting features

Change the alignment of text (e.g. center headings, right and left align text on the page)

Add boarders and shading

Indent using the ruler or the dialog box

Use tabs and tab leaders

Change line spacing within a paragraph

Add space before and after a paragraph without having to press enter

Keep an entire paragraph on one page automatically

Use numbered and bulleted lists

Change the bullet style

Sort text by paragraph

Enter Page Breaks

Adjust margins

Change the paper size

Change the paper orientation

Change vertical alignment


Create documents with one and two columns on the same page
Create different headers and footers throughout the document


Use heading styles

Learn the difference between character and paragraph styles

Use existing styles

Modify styles

Create your own styles

Make styles available to other documents

Learn how heading styles work with Outline view

Outline View

Use outlines to move large amounts of information around
Use outline view to changes heading styles
Use the document map to move around large documents

Headers and Footers

Create headers and footers

Modify headers and footers

Have a different first page header

Have different odd and even page headers

Page Numbers

Insert and format page numbers
Insert total number of pages


Learn to use existing templates
Learn to create your own template from any document


Create Tables

Convert existing text to a table

Adjust columns and rows

Add or remove boarders and shading

Format entire columns or rows

Rotate text


Create formulas

Merge and split cells

Hide and show gridlines

Letters, Envelopes, Labels

Letter Wizard

Add envelopes to a document

Create a page of the same labels or a page of different labels

Mail Merge

Create form letters, envelopes and labels
Control which records are merged
Merge Excel or Access files


Create multiple columns
Adjust the column size
Add a line in between columns

Clipart and Objects

Add clipart to your document
Add scanned images or other pictures
Learn the different ways to place a picture
Learn to draw objects such as line, circles, boxes, stars, banners, and special Word Art


Learn to use macros to save time doing repetitive tasks
Record and edit a macro
Assign macros to buttons and keyboard shortcuts
Have macros run when opening a template file


Insert text that update automatically, such as the date