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PowerPoint Training (version 2003 and earlier)


Creating, saving, and opening presentations

Understanding views

Moving around in a presentation

Adding Slides to an existing presentation

Understand slide layouts, change layouts 

Work with titles, subtitles and lists

Rearrange and delete text and slides

Copy, cut and paste text and slides

Use AutoCorrect

Use templates to guild you through creating a presentation



Format fonts

Format alignment

Format indents

Format bullets



Print slides

Print notes

Print outlines 

Print in black and white or color


Proofing Tools

Use spell check

Use style check for presentation consistency

Check for visual clarity



Work with the drawing tool bar to add shapes

Change color fills and lines

Move, rotate, and delete objects

Arrange and layer objects

Add and edit clip art

Add graphs, tables, and organizational charts

Use Word Art



Understand the different parts of Normal View

Delete, expand, and move slide using Slide Sorter View

Add timing and transitions

Add and move slides in Outline View

Promote and demote bullets and slides

Adding notes using Outline and Normal Views

Use Slide Master View to make changes to all the slides

Add headers, footers, and page numbers

Create summary slides


Change colors and backgrounds

Use a variety of preset backgrounds in a presentation

Change the colors of the presets for one or all slides

Remove and add items in a preset background


Using hyperlinks and special buttons

Jump to different slides using hyperlinks

Create special buttons for moving around a slide show


Animate text, objects and charts

Have text enter a slide show one letter, word or line at a time

Create moving objects

Create animated charts


Adding sound and video

Add PowerPoint sound to a slide show

Add your own sound to a show

Add video files to a show

Add scanned pictures


Working with Slide Shows

Running and navigating a slide show

Hide and reveal slides in a show

Annotating slide during a show

Create notes during a show

Create several different shows from one presentation