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Please feel free to phone or e-mail Robin Snavely at:



Servicing Southern California, I am a sole proprietor helping small to medium size companies.

I use a Targeted Training approach to provide the right training at the right time to meet the immediate needs of your company, your employees, and you.


"Robin was and is great in helping us with our business' QuickBooks accounting. She is thorough and helpful, patient and instructive."

 "She was able to give me an understanding of QuickBooks in a very short period of time and help me tailor it to the specific needs of my company."

"Robin is very consistent, dependable and ethical. We would recommend her services for any business setting."

"WOW! Robin did an excellent job!.... Robin performs exactly what she advertises."

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QuickBooks Training

Targeted Training starts with the core of QuickBooks and is based on your existing knowledge and your specific accounting needs. For further details, please click here.

Unlimited follow-up phone and e-mail support are offered at no charge for all topics covered during training.


QuickBooks Troubleshooting

While there are many common mistakes companies make in QuickBooks (see Top Mistakes), every troubleshooting assignment is unique and requires a thorough examine the QuickBooks data file to pinpoint the problems.

Once the problems are identified and solved, training can revolved around preventing the same errors in the future.



  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor

  • Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor since 1999

  • Enterprise Solutions Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor


Targeted Training

  • The chart of accounts is the core of every version of QuickBooks; I begin by making sure you have a clear understanding of your accounts and how they relate to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss. 

  • Next is understanding how QuickBooks interacts with those accounts with an explanation of the different types of forms and lists that QuickBooks uses to make managing your business easier.

  • Given the size and scope of this program, I first focus on teaching you the areas of QuickBooks you will be using, but also take time to make you aware of the areas that you don't use - this way you know what is available for your future needs.

  • When you need more than a basic understanding, we will address more advanced features as they apply to your company.

  • Having taught QuickBooks for many years, I am aware of the most confusing issues for most people and will help to clarify those areas, saving you time in the future.

  • For a partial listing of subjects covered please click here.


Top Mistakes

  • Lacking a clear understanding of account types (using "Bank" type instead of "Credit Card" type)

  • Assigning the wrong type to an account (an expense is assigned an income type)

  • Not using or fully understanding QuickBooks fabulous reconciliation process

  • Using Item types wrong (especially for inventory)

  • Confusion about paying bills (using "Write Checks" instead of "Pay Bills")

  • Confusion on making deposits

  • Confusion on liability payments

  • Confusion on entering money spent by owner for the business and personal expenses paid by the company

  • Wrong dates - QuickBooks is a date driven software and dating transactions correctly directly affects the financial statements

  • Deleting or changing reconciled transactions

  • Inadvertently using multiple data files